If Booker From Bioshock Had Instagram: 25 photos

PIKUBYTES // If Booker From Bioshock Had Instagram: 25 photos

What if video game characters were on social networks? No, I don’t mean the Facebook profiles managed by game developers or fans. What would the actual characters share if they could?

Ever since discovering the joys of in-game photography, I’ve been reminding myself to stop, stare and print screen. For the sake of a richer game experience, I decided to give Bioshock Infinite another playthrough. After all, I don’t always linger to listen to what the NPCs are talking about, but I did scour every corner of Columbia. A good dystopian story is always my cup of tea, and the game does a great job combining a critique of American exceptionalism with theories of trans-dimensional travel.

For those unaware of the game’s setting, Columbia is an awe-inspiring utopian city amongst the clouds, founded by Father Comstock. This seemingly perfect society is soon revealed to suffer from deep-rooted issues of white supremacy, religious zeal and class divisions. Booker DeWitt is the protagonist who is sent to Columbia to find “the girl”, Elizabeth, and all hell breaks loose once he does. I don’t wanna spoil the plot twists for those who still haven’t played the game (you should!); and if you have, you’ll find it easy to understand the references in the Instagrams below.

Anyway, I kept taking screenshots of Bioshock and ended up with a pretty big folder. Once I stopped procrastinating, I finally put together 25 fake Instagram photos, supposedly uploaded by Booker himself. Yup, he’s definitely dumbed down in his captions; but that’s what many Instagramers are like, right? Feel free to suggest what the Luteces or Fitzroy would’ve commented on these!


  1. I’m a big fan of all the Bioshock games with the original jaunt through Rapture being my favourite. I really like this post, it’s very creative. Booker is a great character but I have to say my favourite in the series has to be Mr. Andrew Ryan. Columbia is fantastic.. But you can’t beat Rapture. 😉 Well done!! Love your work!


    1. Thanks a bunch! Yup, I’ll never forget my first time in Rapture, there’s a reason people keep asking for more content underwater 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what Ken Levine has in store for us next!


      1. I actually have a theory that they will return to Rapture, actually wrote a short blog on it. The DLC Minerva’s Den implies Tenenbaum and Porter may come back to Rapture. I’D BE DOWN FOR THAT…. Also, I heard Levine is stepping away from Bioshock completely… It may be someone else taking the reins…


  2. I love this! Booker is one sexy video game character. I’m at the end of the game now and its been an amazing ride lol can I repost this on my fb page with full credits and link to your blog?


    1. Not necessarily 🙂 There are some references to the previous Bioshock games, but Infinite takes place in an entirely different world with new characters. You should definitely give it a go!

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