My Polymer Clay Miniatures, Part I: Video Games

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | | Geeky earrings

Okay, so I’ve been slacking big time on updating my blog, but I’ll just put the blame on my life and my no-life. There, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get down to business. As I’ve already introduced you to my clay miniatures of Claptrap, Moonkin and Heavy, I thought I might as well share more of my work. By now, I’ve got a decent collection of clay jewellery, mostly all sorts of miniature food, fictional characters and some really random things that some people get away with by calling it art. But let’s not be too hasty to discuss all the studs and pins at once. This time I picked out 10 of my minis from various video games, enjoy!

1. Super Mario Mushroom Earrings

I often wear these life savers and they’re actually quite easy to sculpt (note to self, should I ever begin mass production). It’s not surprising that these are one of the most recognisable symbols of the Mario series. How could you ever get enough of those adorable shrooms? My 1-UP t-shirt has seen better days, but I’ve still got a green plush mushroom sitting in the living room.

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | | Mario Mushrooms earrings

2. Mana and Health Potions Earrings

Stock up and buff up! Made by mixing a bit of translucent clay into the solid colours. I’ve recently bought some tiny jars and more liquid clay, so I’ll probably try to craft something more realistic. In fact, I should also print tiny labels or expand the range with Potions of Might, Speed, Regeneration, etc. A potion combo to match every mood and outfit, yup.

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | | Mana Health Potions earrings

3. Space Invaders Pin

Retro just never gets old, oxymoron intended. Neither the Earth nor the gaming industry would be the same if brave gamers hadn’t defended it from Space Invaders. Any 8-bit miniature can be made using this technique: slice loads of tiny clay pixels and hold your breath while placing them. Make sure you plan the pixels carefully before you start or you’re gonna have a bad time. It’s best to just google a pattern and work with that.

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | | Space Invaders pin

4. Starcraft II Baneling Ring

Not exactly your average proposal ring, though I’m sure it’d work for some. I wanted to do Starcraft and was already going for zerglings when these little suicide bombers popped into my head. The actual ring only fits on my pinky, but should I ever need to look smart and raise it while drinking and discussing zerg tactics… Uh, pretty unlikely?

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | | Baneling, Starcraft II ring

5. Guild Wars II Baby Quaggan Earrings

I haven’t played Guild Wars or any other MMO in a very long time, but I still remember these lovely creatures. Quaggans aren’t the wittiest or the sharpest of races, but they do have a distinctive charm. These earrings kinda represent what you’d turn into after consuming Quaggan Tonic. Still better than the creatures some people turn into on Friday nights after one too many!

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | | Quaggans, Guild Wars II earrings

6. Pokemon Pikachu Earrings

When some of my friends started calling me Pikachu, a nickname after my last name, a pair of dangly Pikachu earrings was added to my to-do list. I’ve also sculpted other Pokemon on demand, but they’re in someone else’s ears now, so I can’t share them with you today. Maybe I should rise to the challenge to sculpt ‘em all?

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | | Pikachu, Pokemon earrings

7. World of Warcraft Pebble Miniature

One can never have too many in-game mini pets, fact. I usually find elemental creatures pretty boring, but I remember doing a little happy dance when I finally unlocked Pebble. The speed, the miniscule pebbles under him, aww. Definitely worth the grind. This Pebble has a mobile phone string, for those who’d want to have him by their side in RL too.

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | | Pebble, World of Warcraft

8. Pixel Hearts Earrings

Inspired by an 8-bit heart tattoo I saw on somebody’s chest. I felt tempted to get something similar done myself, but decided to stick with geeky accessories instead. Hence my favourite polymer clay studs were born. If you wish to make these yourself, stick all the pixels on a clay base first and then cut the heart shape out using a sharp blade.

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | | Pixel 8-bit heart studs

9. Diablo III Tyrael Miniature

Fans of the franchise are no strangers to this Archangel of Justice. I had just bought some metallic clay and decided to try it out on Tyrael. He hasn’t had his chance to fight any demons yet, though. This little angel had been sitting in one of my flower pots for a while, but has now retired to the jewellery box until his higher calling is discovered.

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | |Tyrael, Diablo III

10. Game Boy Earrings

Forget the five Tamagotchis I had as a kid. What I really wanted was to get my hands on one of these (bad) Game Boys. In the end, I only got to borrow it and play Tetris for a while. Still, it’s an iconic item in the world of video games, so I paid tribute to it in my own crafty way. I recall my hands being really shaky for some reason!

Polymer Clay Miniatures: Video Games | | Game Boy earrings

Alrighty, that’s it for Part I. Let me know which ones you like most and what games I should work on next! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for the latest pikubytes.

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