PIKUBYTES // If Booker From Bioshock Had Instagram: 25 photos

If Booker From Bioshock Had Instagram: 25 photos

What if video game characters were on social networks? No, I don’t mean the Facebook profiles managed by game developers or fans. What would the actual characters share if they could? Ever since discovering the joys of in-game photography, I’ve been reminding myself to stop, stare and print screen. For the sake of a richer […]

How Video Game Photographers Redefine Art

While game designers work to create immersive virtual worlds, there are those who wander around such spaces to capture the atmosphere, spectacular sceneries and engaging objects. The works of in-game photographers, such as Duncan Harris, Joshua Taylor, Leonardo Sang, James Pollock, or Ian Andrews, portray their unique ways of gazing at the world of pixels. […]