Game Cocktails: Dirty Wastelander

PIKUBYTES // Video Game Cocktails Fallout 4 Dirty Wastelander

Ain’t post-apocalyptic life just grand. Gambling away at New Vegas casinos, chugging irradiated beers, advocating for ghoul rights, scavenging for toasters… I’ve taken shady jobs, sure. Stole a thing or ten until I couldn’t fast travel. But baby, there’s no denying. I’ve crawled out to the fallout and rejoined society! So come down to my speakeasy and have a Dirty Wastelander. It’s on the house, if you let me rant for once…

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Up for 10 More Cultural References in Witcher 3?

PIKUBYTES // Up for 10 More Cultural References in Witcher 3?

Oh yes, I can definitely feel the heat of summer. Or is it just my PC overheating? I’m just a liiitle bit guilty for being glued to the screen on such lovely evenings. Perhaps I should be feeling the wind in my hair instead of watching Geralt’s. Anyhow, I’ve still got some Witcher 3 easter eggs to share with you, my fellow gamer. Curious to find out how Snatch, Twilight and even Trololo made their way into the game? Without further ado, I bring to you 10 more pop culture references you may or may not have found already. SPOILERS INC, obviously! Continue reading