Game Cocktails: Dirty Wastelander

PIKUBYTES // Video Game Cocktails Fallout 4 Dirty Wastelander

Ain’t post-apocalyptic life just grand. Gambling away at New Vegas casinos, chugging irradiated beers, advocating for ghoul rights, scavenging for toasters… I’ve taken shady jobs, sure. Stole a thing or ten until I couldn’t fast travel. But baby, there’s no denying. I’ve crawled out to the fallout and rejoined society! So come down to my speakeasy and have a Dirty Wastelander. It’s on the house, if you let me rant for once…

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The Dust Has Settled: My Personal E3 2015 Highlights

PIKUBYTES // The Dust Has Settled: My Personal E3 2015 Highlights

Boner-inducing trailers and awkward “pause for applause” moments, 30’s inspired indies and modern holograms, lots of yays and some nays. I still haven’t digested all the information that E3 bombarded us with last week. It’s obvious that the in-game worlds are getting bigger, more emergent and visually stunning, making you lose sleep over your next rig upgrade. Brace yourselves, we’re in for a very busy year of gaming and keeping up with all the releases. For now, however, here are just four fresh game titles I’m excited to see on my desktop. Continue reading