If Booker From Bioshock Had Instagram: 25 photos

PIKUBYTES // If Booker From Bioshock Had Instagram: 25 photos

What if video game characters were on social networks? No, I don’t mean the Facebook profiles managed by game developers or fans. What would the actual characters share if they could?

Ever since discovering the joys of in-game photography, I’ve been reminding myself to stop, stare and print screen. For the sake of a richer game experience, I decided to give Bioshock Infinite another playthrough. After all, I don’t always linger to listen to what the NPCs are talking about, but I did scour every corner of Columbia. A good dystopian story is always my cup of tea, and the game does a great job combining a critique of American exceptionalism with theories of trans-dimensional travel. Continue reading

My Claptrap Clay Miniature: The Why And The How

Polymer clay Claptrap from Borderlands figurine // PIKUBYTES

So I’ve got this absorbing hobby – sculpting miniature food and game or cartoon characters from polymer clay. I picked it up a few years ago when I got frustrated with the limited choice of jewellery I actually wanted to wear. I loved the idea of Mario shrooms or South Park characters dangling from my ears, so I started making my own bling instead. The inspiration to craft something comes and goes, but often it’s triggered so spontaneously that you just have to sculpt your idea in the flash of that inspiration. This time, the trigger was one of the most annoying and adorable robots ever – Claptrap. Continue reading

How Video Game Photographers Redefine Art


While game designers work to create immersive virtual worlds, there are those who wander around such spaces to capture the atmosphere, spectacular sceneries and engaging objects. The works of in-game photographers, such as Duncan Harris, Joshua Taylor, Leonardo Sang, James Pollock, or Ian Andrews, portray their unique ways of gazing at the world of pixels. Their photos range from high-res images tweaked in post-production to charming Instagrams snapped with a phone. Check out their blogs to see the projects and series they’ve developed. If this doesn’t inspire you to keep your fingers close to the Print Screen key, I’m not sure what will. Continue reading