The Dust Has Settled: My Personal E3 2015 Highlights

PIKUBYTES // The Dust Has Settled: My Personal E3 2015 Highlights

Boner-inducing trailers and awkward “pause for applause” moments, 30’s inspired indies and modern holograms, lots of yays and some nays. I still haven’t digested all the information that E3 bombarded us with last week. It’s obvious that the in-game worlds are getting bigger, more emergent and visually stunning, making you lose sleep over your next rig upgrade. Brace yourselves, we’re in for a very busy year of gaming and keeping up with all the releases. For now, however, here are just four fresh game titles I’m excited to see on my desktop.


So you thought that Division was the only upcoming sandbox co-op from Ubisoft? Apparently not. Wildlands is a third-person shooter that throws you right into the overwhelming open world of Bolivia’s drug cartels, criminal networks and government corruption. Solo or 4-player, subtle or explosive, you’ll get to choose how you wish to deal with each mission. I loved that you’ll also have to consider the time of day and the weather to pull it off. It’s no longer just about the drama and how badly your vehicle skids on wet roads. The announcement trailer shows just how much carnage you can cause, and then some. If GTA V and Far Cry ever had a baby, this might just be the perfect specimen.


I don’t want to set the world on fire… oh, but I DO! Bethesda admitted they’d already started working on Fallout 4 while juggling Skyrim’s DLCs in 2012. Now the hype train is at full speed and I’m so thrilled to be its passenger. Boston’s wasteland is supposed to be an explorer’s wet dream, where most objects can be salvaged and repurposed into new items or your own post-apocalyptic crib. While this definitely adds a new layer of immersion, I can’t help but wonder how this will affect my original Fallout experience. Being a lone wanderer with no place to call home (sorry, Megaton) always appealed to me, but now I’ll have to commit to improving and protecting my settlement from raiders. Will this become too distracting? We’ll see.

Hurray for voices; your avatar finally gets a set of vocal cords and you can also play as a female. If you choose a name more realistic than Leanthuria or Oskiibach, there’s a chance it has been recorded in-game, so the NPCs will address you by it. Come November, we’ll get to live the story before the bombs dropped, sing along to the new soundtrack and get spooked by Deathclaws once again. Until then, lucky iOS users can become Overseers in Fallout Shelter, a mobile vault management spin-off. The Pip-Boy Editions are also selling like hot cakes, so I’d say Bethesda have really outdone themselves this time.


It’s been a while since I last sneaked around the steampunk city of Dunwall, swarming my foes with rats. The story of Dishonored 2 takes place in Karnaka, a cultural metropolis with its own social injustices and usurpers. The sequel’s trailer revealed that you’ll also get to play as Emily Kaldwin, a former damsel in distress all grown-up and determined to slit some throats. Both Corvo and Emily will have a unique set of skills, and you’ll be able to choose between a stealthy approach or facing your enemies head-on. Although Bethesda haven’t released any gameplay footage yet, I’m hoping for a balanced and highly atmospheric experience. Just look at these shiny details, cogs and gears. Oh yeah.


Truth is, the majority of EA’s conference made me cringe more than anything else. While I was still fretting that they showed so little of Mass Effect Andromeda, this guy came up. The buzz that followed focused on how nervous he was on stage, having to present a game he’s so passionate about to a rather tough crowd. A collective tear was shed as we watched Yarny jumping around beautiful landscapes. You could hear echoes of comparison to Little Big Planet and Limbo, but there’s something really honest about Unravel that you can’t quite put into words. Check out the heart-warming backstory and the trailer for this upcoming indie puzzle-platformer.

Did the conference live up to your expectations? I’d love to hear about your own personal favs!


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  1. Look up a game called Kitchen, Angry Joe loved it. I was a mega fan of P.T (I even signed a petition, look at me!) and it looks like somewhat of a spiritual successor.


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